WELCOME to UNIQUE Prosper Spirit Wear!!!



Sizes include: Adult Size Medium, Large, and Extra Large

#1 Traditional (Green)

Forest Green Sweatshirt, Silver & Black Sequin Fabric, White Stitching

#2 Traditional (Gray)

Gray Sweatshirt, Black & Forest Green Sequin Fabric, White Stitching

#3 Damask

Black Sweatshirt, Light Pink Sequin & Black/White Damask Fabric, Bubblegum Pink Stitching

#4 Brown Zebra

Chocolate Brown Sweatshirt, Light Pink Sequin & Brown/White Zebra Fabric, Bubblegum Pink Stitching

#5 Army

Black Sweatshirt, Light Pink Sequin & Army Fabric, Bubblegum Pink Stitching

#6 Peacock

Dark Purple Sweatshirt, Turquoise Sequin & Peacock Fabric, Lime Green Stitching

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